• I am using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on Oracle Virtual Box
  • I used my PC QWERTY Keyboard for input & as usual I pressed shift + 2
  • They keys are working fine after the login window , example @ is implemented as @ only but my password instead of xyz@ reads xys" as correct

xyz@ -> incorrect xys" -> correct

  • At the time of installation my Keyboard Layout was English (UK), I have changed it to English (US) still the problem persists.
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  • Once logged in, your user settings/config takes effect, but not all changes made on user accounts impact the system before login. You've indicated Ubuntu 22.04, but are you using default GNOME & gdm3 as your DM/greeter? (FYI: I use sddm as my DM/greeter, and it has its own setup where I configure settings that impact the greeter/login, my GUI defaults take effect once I've logged in as me)
    – guiverc
    Jan 25 at 5:42

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So you tried to set the password xyz@ in the installer, but since the English (UK) layout was in use there, pressing Shift+2 gave you a password with " instead of @.

Then I suppose you want to change your password.

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