I'm missing a Workspaces feature from macOS:
grouping windows by app.

The benefit is a declutter of "Activities & Workspaces" view, displaying windows from the same application all grouped together.

macOS Mission Control showing multiple windows from Safari, that are grouped in a cluster and overlay each other; the windows from other applications belong to distinct cluster (see Safari & iChat windows: all windows from an app can be moved by dragging the app icon to another workspace)

macOS allows to drag'n'drop a single window to another workspace; or to move all the windows altogether.

Ubuntu GNOME seems to handle only one window per time. This is cumbersome when having many windows for one application.

I'm wondering:

  1. is it possible to move in another workspace all the windows of a specific application altogether?

  2. is it possible to display the windows group by application, in the "Activities" view?


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