I´m starting to use Ubuntu as my secondary OS and I´m creating a script which writes the current IP configuration in a file using redirection (with the command $sudo ifconfig -a > /etc/scripts/current-ipaddress) and the next thing I want to do is using one of the values written in that external file for the next command, if possible.

For example, lets say I run $sudo ifconfig -a > /etc/scripts/current-ipaddress and the IP address for eth0 is and the next thing I want to do is making this IP the static one using the command $sudo ifconfig eth0 x.x.x.x. The idea is substituting this x.x.x.x with the real IP (which will be extracted from the file it was written using redirections previously). How can I make this work?

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Try this:

theip=$(cat /etc/scripts/current-ipaddress | awk '/^eth0:/{flag = 1; next} flag == 1 && / inet / {print $2} /^[^ ]/ {flag=0}')


  • cat filename: print the file content
  • awk: work on text input flow from pipe (the file content)
    • /^eth0:/{flag = 1; next}: search for line who start with eth0: token and put value 1 in variable flag then treat the next line.
    • flag == 1 && / inet / {print $2}: if variable flag equal to 1 and line contains inet token, then print the second field (by default the field separators and spaces)
    • /^[^ ]/ {flag=0}: if line do not starts by a space, put 0 value in the flag variable
  • theip=$(...command...): put the command standard output in the variable theip

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