I am using a dual boot machine in which I have the Windows 10 OS and also the Ubuntu 22.04 OS

A few days ago I encountered an issue in which after I pass the lock screen page, any response from the keyboard is not responding ( this included on-screen keyboard and any external keyboard attached )

I try to change keyboard and restart a few times but nothing fix the issue, then I check at the right bottom corner on the first screen that appear after linux successful boot there is a selection whether I want to choose "Ubuntu" or "Ubuntu Xorg" then I noticed that If I choose Ubuntu Xorg this is what causing the error, I change to Ubuntu as this one able to fix the issue I am having

Then today I noticed in a google meet the screen sharing become black, and apps that I frequently used called VokoscreenNG, its ui/layout becomes weird and unable to select settings to screen record

So I search on internet and found this fixture


I follow the steps in which I edit the file at sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf and uncomment the line #WaylandEnable=false to be WaylandEnable=false

Now after I reboot I am having a problem in which

  • All kind of keyboard now is not working
  • I am unable to change selection back to the normal Ubuntu, its like I am forced to use the Ubuntu Xorg, thus causing problem

I am posting this question using my Windows 10 while still figuring out way how to edit or revert back my Ubuntu settings to previous working state

I see a lot solution but require typing, I am unable to do the typing as any kind of keyboard is not responding in my ubuntu thus solution that involve typing will not work

FYI, my mouse is working fine

I am trying to find ways to edit the ubuntu file from my Windows 10, still checking on this while writing this question

Appreciate help from anyone

My device details:-

  • Processors : AMD Ryzen 7 5700U with Radeon Graphics
  • GPU : AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics
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The issue on the keyboard is caused by Typing Assist configuration located in

Settings > Accessibility > Typing Assist

Refer the correct settings as per image attached here on what settings it should be configured to fix this issue

Typing Assist Correct Settings

FYI, I am able to access normal ( non Xorg ubuntu ) earlier when I realized that I actually can press the keyboard, just that it takes really2 hard to notice that the keyboard respond weirdly, so what I do is

  • I spam the Alt + F4 as many times until the terminal appear
  • Then I login via the terminal
  • from here I sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf and comment line WaylandEnable
  • then i sudo reboot
  • then at the lock screen page the ubuntu without xorg selection is available

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