Running Ubuntu 22.10, Mate desktop environment. I installed boinc-client and boinc-manager via apt. All works fine in this pre-release version of BOINC (7.20.2+dfsg), except, when I open the Computing Preferences, I get a blank dialog box, with only the window controls in the title bar.

Searching here I found question 1134597 (Unable to access settings of the BOINC manager), which seems to be the same issue from 2019, never answered.

For the time being I used cpulimit to force down CPU usage, but that's not a very polished or ideal way to handle this.


  • Today it's mysteriously working. I have no idea what changed.
    – CarlF
    Jan 17 at 19:34
  • When you say "settings" are you talking about the "Computing preferences" or another menu? Does this happen with any other software? I wonder if it is a driver/library issue. Does lowering the CPU usage fix this issue? I also wonder if you are better off with a Long Term Support Version (LTS) of Ubuntu; I use LTS 22.04 with Boinc 7.20.5 (x64) and all the preferences and option menus work.
    – applephx
    Feb 20 at 17:51
  • It has been long enough now that it is irrelevant. Several versions of the client and a new OS later, it works as designed. I did mean Computing preferences.
    – CarlF
    Feb 22 at 1:24
  • OK, this is just bizarre. I set up a completely new system and ... computing preferences remains blank. I9 with nVidia GPU, might be useful to the project if they'd accept my help, darn it.
    – CarlF
    Jul 2 at 1:15

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As of this exact moment on Debian bookworm, I got the blank Computing Preferences dialog from the simple view of the BOINC Manager. If I switch to the Advanced View, the dialog displays normally.

That's one serious bug, but at least it's easy to work around once you know.

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