I have an Alienware M15x with the following specs

Intel Core i7 920M Ati 5870M 500GB HD 4GB RAM

I've been running Ubuntu for a while on my work computer with an second generation i3, 8gb ram and a 500gb HD and without a video card without problems for months now.

But on my laptop it lags alot. I installed the ATi drivers from the website. But when I look in my system details it says:


Shouldn't it show my 5870M?


Did you ever seen a popup like this one? This is the easy way to install proprietary video drivers (I have nVidia but the procedure should be the same). Otherwise you can try the official Ubuntu page that also explains how to install Catalyst drivers. Finally, you can also look at this thread: the command line tool to call the "restricted drivers" window from the shell should be jockey-text.

  • Yes I installed them right away. Than I downloaded the drivers from ATi website. When I downloaded them and tried to install it told me to uninstall the old drivers first. Then I installed the newly downloaded. They didn't work so I installed the restricted drivers again, I have the feeling it is better now, but I will read the official Ubuntu page you gave me. Thanks alot :) – Martijn Buurman Jun 1 '12 at 6:42

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