I found some answers suggesting ways to discover original file name but those seem to be irrelevant here, I wonder if anyone recognizes the content below and can suggest the original file name.

Original location is the parent folder of 'vendor'.


#!/usr/bin/env php
 * This file is part of Composer.
 * (c) Nils Adermann <[email protected]>
 *     Jordi Boggiano <[email protected]>
 * For the full copyright and license information, please view
 * the license that is located at the bottom of this file.

// Avoid APC causing random fatal errors per https://github.com/composer/composer/issues/264
if (extension_loaded('apc') && filter_var(ini_get('apc.enable_cli'), FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOLEAN) && filter_var(ini_get('apc.cache_by_default'), FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOLEAN)) {
    if (version_compare(phpversion('apc'), '3.0.12', '>=')) {
        ini_set('apc.cache_by_default', 0);
    } else {
        fwrite(STDERR, 'Warning: APC <= 3.0.12 may cause fatal errors when running composer commands.'.PHP_EOL);
        fwrite(STDERR, 'Update APC, or set apc.enable_cli or apc.cache_by_default to 0 in your php.ini.'.PHP_EOL);

if (!class_exists('Phar')) {
    echo 'PHP\'s phar extension is missing. Composer requires it to run. Enable the extension or recompile php without --disable-phar then try again.' . PHP_EOL;

require 'phar://composer.phar/bin/composer';

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This question is more relevant in stackoverflow than askubuntu but I'll give it a shot

Searched https://github.com/composer/composer for the content of this file and found https://github.com/composer/composer/blob/main/src/Composer/Compiler.php

Based on that file I suspect the original filename was composer.phar

But to be sure, it's best you take your composer.json, install a fresh composer and run install - you should be able to find your file there

Side-note: an answer that might be fitting askubuntu is that you should try using git or another VCS to keep track of your files.

  • Nice tidy answer, well done for identifying that it is likely better shared in another community. That and linking possible duplicates needs to be done more often.
    – theYnot
    Dec 9, 2022 at 21:22

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