I'm running Ubuntu wsl2, Windows subsystem for Linux. GWSL is an awesome tool to run GUI apps on it. Going to GWSL Distro Tools > GTK Themes, allows you to use custom themes.

The problem is that how can I change the icons. For example in Nautilus the theme doesn't look good with the default icons & I have already installed an icon in both /usr/share/icons & ~/.icons.

I have tried using gnome-tweaks, but it doesn't even recognize the icons. Also even thought I have switched the theme, it displays it as the default one in gnome-tweaks.

  • And just a heads-up that you can now use WSLg on Windows 10 as well. You may still prefer GWSL, but just putting out there as an additional option -- Not that I think the use of GWSL or WSLg will change the answer here ;-). Nov 23, 2022 at 14:37

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Turns out, you have to save a back up of usr/share/Adwaita and then put everything in your icons theme into usr/share/Adwaita except the index file.

This method, at least worked for candy-icons.

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