i got an ET-1810.

Just now figured out that there are no drivers from epsons side for linux available. So wanted to try ipp or raw to be able to use it over wifi. However, i have not figured out how to go. Any ideas? Each time i try generic drivers i just get wrong looking print results

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Ok, after playing a while i figured out that its possible to set it up via the cups tools which are available at: localhost:631 in the browser.Via the native ubuntu point and click tool i was not able to set it up. For those of us who are not so familiar with cups this video about cups is helpfull.

  1. Install CUPS
  2. Go to the localhost:631
  3. Navigate: Administration -> Add printer
  4. Choose: IPP as protocol enter image description here
  5. Enter the address like this under connection ipp://yourprinteriphere:631/ipp/print enter image description here
  6. Give the printer a name enter image description here
  7. Choose EPSON under Make and press continue enter image description here
  8. Select IPP everywhere and click "Add Printer" enter image description here
  9. Confirm defaults
  10. Under Maintenance choose the "Print test page" enter image description here

Hope that helps others.

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