What is the keyboard shortcut to switch to Applications tab in gnome3 dash? The Gnome dash which comes up when we press windows meta key / super key. I want to minimize the keyboard use.

Also how can I switch back to Windows Tab again using keyboard shortcut?


I was able to get to Applications tab using accessibility switch (Ctrl+Alt+Tab) - by hitting it several times it allows to select Applications panel. Same way to get back to windows panel.

  • Thank you for telling me about ctrl + alt + tab. Its more useful shortcut. It also gives option to take us to dash, search text box etc.
    – Abhijit N
    May 30 '12 at 8:16

I got help from IRC #gnome for this.

We can use Ctrl+PgDn/PgUp to switch between Applications tab and Windows tab. To select the listed applications in 'Applications' tab, press Tab once and then press .

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