I have two linux boxes, one is Ubuntu 11.10 that I have an nfs share set up with, and the other is Ubuntu 12.04 that I have mounted the nfs share at.

/etc/exports on the 11.10 box looks like:

/share ,all_squash,insecure)

and the 12.04 box /etc/fstab looks like: /import nfs rw,hard,intr 0 0

The share mounts fine, and I can see the files. The problem is that I cannot create new files in the mounted share.

$ mkdir /import/test 
mkdir: cannot create directory `/import/test': Read-only file system

I am pretty sure it is something on the 12.04 box that is not set right, since I can mount the nfs mount on my mac and can create folders and files.

So how to allow write access to the NFS share on the 12.04 box?

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You should change the permissions of /import folder (as you mentioned 12.04 box) so that you can have write access.

  • Thanks, that worked, and now I feel silly. The only I would add is that I add to run sudo umount /import to unmount the share first, and then change the permission. May 29, 2012 at 23:31

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