I've been recently playing with IPv6 but I have a vexing problem with my little Ubuntu box. Systemd-networkd (from systemd 245.4) is supposed to understand a directive like this:


where my_prefix is exactly what my router sends in its RA, 64 bits, ending in a double colon (::), verified by tcpdump. And what I wish to get out of this is an IPv6 address generated as described in RFC7217, i.e. a stable address where the lower 64 bits are not based on my MAC address.

Unfortunately systemd-networkd does not seem to agree. It accepts the directive without comment but I still get the EUI-64 address. Even if I set log level to debug there's nothing in the log about this. I've tried other forms in my_prefix but then networkd eagerly tells me it's wrong but not what would be correct and actually work.

I can work around this in a bunch of ways so not looking for that, but getting this to work would be easiest.

I looked but I haven't found any bug reports about this so I have a feeling it should work. Any ideas?

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Turns out it was netplan interfering with my attempts to change the network configuration. So, credit to Marko Moock on Usenet, I did as he suggested:

  1. Disable netplan with this config in /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml:

      version: 2
      renderer: networkd
  2. Setup my .network file in /etc/systemd/network:

  3. Run netplan try for a test, worked great.

  4. Reboot and it still worked.

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