After upgrading to Ubuntu 22.10 from 22.04, I noticed that the expand / collapse folder function in Files (Nautilus) is gone together with the small triangle preceding the folder name!

Similarly, the keyboard shortcuts "expand folder" ( / right arrow key) and "collapse folder" ( / left arrow key), although documented (in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog's 2nd tab), do not work!

Is there any action that will restore this functionality? Nothing is present in the Preferences dialog which becomes more crippled with every new version of Nautilus. And, I have also looked at the dconf-editor / org / gnome / nautilus path: The list-view / use-tree-view option has no effect.

The old version of Files (42.2) in Ubuntu 22.04:

Files in 22.04

The new version of Files (43.0) in Ubuntu 22.10:

Files in 22.10

  • Another option that is missing is to share a folder (via Samba), the hole settings menu is simpler
    – Roy Ash
    Commented Oct 21, 2022 at 20:52

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For now, the feature is not anymore available in Files 43 that comes with Ubuntu 22.10. That is related to the move from GTK3 to GTK4: attempts to re-implement were not ready. Hopefully it will be back in a later version.

  • Then I will have to switch from "normal" to "lts" upgrades. :(
    – FedKad
    Commented Oct 22, 2022 at 14:52

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