Esperanto uses the letter Ŭ. Compose, Shift+9, a = ă, but Compose, Shift+9, u = u.

How do I type this with the compose key? If that is not possible, what is the next easiest way to type it?


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Depends on the version of X11 (assuming you are not using or wayland) and keyboard layout, but generally Compose, b, u or Compose, u, u should work (IIRC Compose, ( was used for breve some (long) time ago).

See also /usr/share/X11/locale/*/Compose.


Ŭ or ŭ is a letter in the Esperanto alphabet, based on u with breve.

Press the Ctrl+Shift+u keyboard combination which will print a u character on the screen. Then after the u type one of the 4-digit hexadecimal codes in the second column and press Enter to render the u+4-digit hexadecimal number that appears on the screen as the appropriate u with breve character.

Character Hex HTML Entity
Ŭ 016c Ŭ
ŭ 016d ŭ

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