I am running an ubuntu server.

Chown -R plex.plex /Folder just changes the permission of the current folder/subfolders/files. If i create a new folder it doesnt change the ownership to what i want. for example

chown -R plex.plex /media/plex_media

if i create a new folder inside plex_media. the new folder goes back to root. I need all future folders/files to be plex in that plex_media

  • Is your chmod command correct?
    – vanadium
    Sep 17 at 16:08
  • First what version of Ubuntu are you using? Second are you doing this logged in as the root user?
    – David
    Sep 17 at 16:44

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when you create a directory, the directory will automatically be owned by the user you are using at that time.

for example you make a directory with root user, the the owner of directory is root.

Here are some ways that I recommend for you :

  1. create new directory and change owner, i.e :

mkdir new_dir && chmod -R flex:flex new_dir

  1. create directory using flex user, from root you can login as flex user using command :

sudo -u flex mkdir new_dir

hope this help

  • 1
    Wondering about the downvote as this is correct information. Any directory created by root will be owned by root. I would suggest changing the second option to sudo -u flex mkdir new_dir to keep it in one command.
    – doneal24
    Sep 17 at 17:31
  • Thanks for suggestion, Ihave update the answer 🙂 @doneal24
    – Deki Akbar
    Sep 17 at 22:45

I am not sure what was the issue but deleted the folder and re created the folder as root and then used chown -R plex.plex /folder and everything is working as expected

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