I am running Ubuntu 22.04 armhf version (for Raspberry Pi) in a Surface RT (*). Is there any way to force Ubuntu use multitouch? Right now, Ubuntu seems to be considering multitouch events multiple mouse clicks (I can drag windows with one finger, though). If I touch with two fingers, the computer is confused, and the cursor is jumping between the two positions. I tried both X.Org and Wayland.

I also installed xserver-xorg-input-multitouch, but that did not help.

I don't know whether this is a driver issue (which cannot be fixed otherwise) or a configuration issue. How to debug whether multitouch events actually register in the system?

The Surface RT supports multitouch in Windows 8.1.

enter image description here

  • (*) This old question finally has an affirmative answer (although the performance of Raspberry Pi OS (LXDE) is much better than Ubuntu GNOME). I am using the Raspberry Pi image of Ubuntu. I will write a detailed answer with installation instructions soon. Sep 17 at 2:40


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