Is it possible to type Malayalam language in Ubuntu? If yes, what should I do to type Malayalam in Ubuntu?

  1. Install ibus first.

    sudo apt-get install ibus

    or click this.

  2. Install the m17n library which holds the indic fonts (includes good old malayalam).

    sudo apt-get install ibus-m17n m17n-contrib

    or click this then this.

  3. Go to SystemPreferencesIbus preferences

  4. Take the 'input method' tab.

  5. From the drop down menu Select an input method, choose malayalamswanalekha and then click on Add.

  6. Open up a text editor, hit CtrlSpace to change the language and type away.


In Ubuntu 16.04 this was what I did. It looks like ibus is already installed, not sure if that is same for all.

Go to System Settings -> Text Entry.

From the input source to use, click on the + button and add your languages. Once you add you can click on the language and choose any specific font you need. Eg: I was going for the recent one Manjari.

To test press the Windows key (Super) + Space (if you have configured different one use that). You can switch to other fonts. Hope that helps someone.

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