After I upgraded from 20.04 to 22.04.1 I don't see any icons in Ubuntu's dock. There is only the 9-dot-icon, which opens the applications overview. Even if I try to add an application manually ("add to favourites") the dock stays empty.

What could be the reason? And how can I fix it?

This is how the dock appears at the moment:

Current state of the dock after upgrading

edit: I noticed, that the dock icons are present, when I log in with "Gnome" or "Gnome with Xorg", but not with one of the "Ubuntu" options.

  • Does this answer your question? Desktop icons gone in 22.04
    – graham
    Sep 2, 2022 at 21:37
  • Unfortunately not. I can enable and disable desktop icons, but the dock stays empty. Sep 5, 2022 at 6:41
  • I had the same issue after accidentally installing xfce, what I did was sudo apt install ubuntu-gnome-desktop --reinstall and then use gnome tweak tool to enable dash to dock, worth a try
    – Cagri
    Sep 6, 2022 at 15:16

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Disabling the "Ubuntu Dock" and "Ubuntu AppIndicators" built-in extensions should fix this.

Simply open your applications overview (or "Windows" key) and type "Extensions". Then at the bottom of the window, just disable the Ubuntu Dock and Ubuntu AppIndicators.

A short term solution on a per-occurrence basis is running a command to reload the dock. Press Alt+F2 and then type r then press Return. This will reload and bring the icons back.


Try this command:

dconf reset -f "/org/gnome/shell/extensions/dash-to-dock/"
  • I tried out @gianthair's solution first and then this one. But seems to me, your answers works, too. Thx alot. Seems like I have not enough reputation to upvote or select your answer as the correct one after choosing the first, sorry for that. Nov 8, 2022 at 22:18

Do sudo apt install ubuntu-gnome-desktop --reinstall as suggested by @Cagri. It worked for me, this happened because I had tried to delete all python packages.

  • This helped for me as well, after upgrading to 23.04. Sep 11, 2023 at 11:09

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