I cannot use arrows nor shift-space, nor any key or key combination to go to previous image in gthumb 2.13.1 (Ubuntu Natty Narwhal 11.10). There should be shortcut-keys even to flip horizontally and vertically. And I cannot have a preview box (like before).
I think that there is no need to do image viewers that are worse and more clumsy to use than previews programs or previous versions of the same program. Hello! What is going on?


There are still some key combinations/shortcut-keys available. This is a nice list, but in gthumb 3.0.1 (Ubuntu 12.04) I use, a lot of the shortcut-keys don't work (anymore). But I still use:
Space View the next image.
Backspace View the previous image.
+ Zoom in
- Zoom out
1 or z Actual size
x Zoom to fit (scales down only, does not magnify)
Shift+x Zoom to fit (scale down or magnify, as required)
F11 or f Fullscreen

But pressing delete does not work anymore, so no move of viewed picture to the trash, what is really annoying. Daniel filed a bug, please sign as well that it affects you.
UPDATE 15 Aug 2012: Fix is released and pressing delete will move the picture to the trash again.

Not sure what you mean with preview box, the thumbnail pane (F8 to close and open it) still works and you can switch it to the side if that is more convenient for you.

gthumb 3.0.1 screenshot


Page up/Page down works to see the previous/next image in GTHUMB 3.0.1 (Ubuntu 12.04).

DEL works for me to remove the file from the viewer, but it doesn't actually delete the file from disk. Anyone knows how to view the GTHUMB trash from which I hopefully can empty it?

  • If you have another question, don't put it into an answer, please ask another question. – kos Oct 11 '15 at 12:30
  • the deleted files get moved into your local trash folder – phil294 Sep 11 '17 at 1:51

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