I am using ubuntu 12.04, and I have somehow got a notification daemon with dumb looking graphics. (I actually purged unity and installed gnome. I also tweaked certain settings from compiz-configuration-settings-manager. I am not sure which one so these might have caused this.)

This is how my notifications look like currently -

enter image description here

I want it to be like this one -

enter image description here

However, a strange behaviour I observe is that when I log into my guest seesion, I have the latter good-looking notification daemon. Clearly, the problem must be with some settings/configurations of the notification daemon for my main user.

Please help me fix this.


Unity uses Notify-OSD (the latter in your guest account), and Gnome uses notification-daemon. I would try to install Notify-OSD alongside Gnome in order to get the notifications you'd like, or use Shell OSD to edit the Gnome based notifications.

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  • I have purged unity, so even in guest account I have gnome. Also, I have both things installed - notification-daemon and Notify-OSD, I just want to make sure that gnome uses Notify-OSD. How do I do that? – Pushpak Dagade Jun 1 '12 at 18:50
  • I purged notifcation-daemon and now gnome uses notify-osd! Thank you! I just have one small problem now - The notifcation daemon's background color is changed for some reason (its perfect in the guest session). It would be really helpful if you could help me fix that. – Pushpak Dagade Jun 1 '12 at 19:29

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