I don't remember the name of application or package which I used in Ubuntu 11.04 to view the default installed Documentation or manually installed documentations from synaptic.

It was pretty helpful. I tried searching but end up nowhere.

I tried YELP (Which is Ubuntu's help system) but it doesn't provide functionalities for viewing manually installed documentations.

For Example : I installed python2.7-doc package from "synaptic" package manager and doesn't shows up in Yelp.

I want the functionality to view the documentation installed by documentation packages. How can I do this?


There is tool which view manpages in browser, it is called doccentral. You can install it with the following command:

    sudo apt-get install doc-central

Then open a terminal and type doccentral package-name, for example

    doccentral python

Which brings you to your default browser with Contents such as this.

enter image description here

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