To install Cinnamon DE in Ubuntu 22.04 should I install cinnamon package or cinnamon-desktop-environment?

What is the difference between these two packages?

  • Have you looked; ie. packages.ubuntu.com/… where you'll note cinnamon-desktop-environment is the "Cinnamon desktop environment - full desktop with extra components" and `cinnamon is the "Innovative and comfortable desktop" ie. Cinnamon gets the base desktop itself, the other gives a more full experiences with more tools/features.
    – guiverc
    Aug 14 at 22:47

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It's up to you.

The full Cinnamon DE is provided by the meta-package cinnamon-desktop-environment:

These are the extended components of Cinnamon, a desktop environment which provides advanced innovative features and a traditional user experience.

This metapackage depends on all programs needed to have a fully fledged desktop environment. Install this if you want a complete cinnamon desktop, including graphical apps that allow users to perform almost all everyday tasks.

Whereas cinnamon is the basic DE. Either one will install all the required dependencies.

  • Is it possible that after installing Cinnamon, the system will have a problem or conflict?
    – ArmInImrA
    Aug 14 at 22:57
  • Installing any additional DE doesn't normally cause problems other than duplication of apps/tools. This in itself seldom causes problems. Aug 14 at 23:09

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