I can Google for stations I'd like to listen to, but I can't find the correct URL to put into Rhythmbox for them to work.

Do I need to find stations that offer a specific kind of protocol?

i.e. "PLS" (playlist?) Where are some top-notch places to find stations?



Shoutcast is a massive selection of individual radio stations (over 700 pages). There are so many stations that it is intimidating to even find one.

How to add Radio Stations to Rhythmbox?

  • Vist Shoutcast, find your favorite radio station, right click on it and select Save Link As, Save it in your music library.

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  • Right click on .pls file you just downloaded and select Open with Rhythmbox.
  • Alternatively, instead of saving the .pls file just copy the link location, in Rhythmbox select Radios in side bar and click on add, enter the link there and save it.

    enter image description here

  • 3rd option is to open the .pls file in Gedit and copy the address from there and add it to Rhythmbox.

    enter image description here


Or just install Guayadeque. Listen and browse the complete Shoutcast collection (Over 5,700 stations) and many other radio stations right from your desktop. It's available in Ubuntu Software Center.

enter image description here

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    This is a super answer. Option 1 failed for me with a Rhythmbox error (error in either Rhythmbox or Gstreamer). Option 2 worked a treat - and is easier. – Synesso May 26 '12 at 11:34
  • Awesome! Still valid for 2016. On Linux Mint Serena. – geeth Mar 16 '17 at 2:20

When I want to get the url of a radio stream I check the source code of the radio player. E.g this dutch radio station

Get the source code of the page and go to line 147, you will see this

{ codec: 'asx', url: 'http://livestreams.omroep.nl/npo/3fm-bb', stream: true }

Add the url to rhytmbox and voila.

  • have you managed to get a .pls playing in rythmbox? i too have tried for a specific station and can't? you still got a +1 – RobotHumans May 26 '12 at 7:52

http://listenlive.eu has a good database with easy access to the playlist files that Rhythmbox can make use of.


Yes a good answer from Basharat Sial.

It is too bad RhythmBox still cannot open downloaded .pls files by just clicking them. It was reported as a bug on 2006-10-04 (LP bug #62430), and still nobody had this fixed. Anyway if you want RhythmBox to run a specific .pls file you can open your terminal and run this:

rhythmbox-client --play-uri=[PATH HERE]

This solution was given under the discussion of the bug, but it is a long discussion and it can be difficult to spot it. It does not solve the bug, but it is a way to get around it. I know this info here is for the coding-oriented user, but now you know.

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    Your answer would be highly improved if you provide the link to that bug. – André Stannek Jan 30 '13 at 16:34

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