When using a 21.10 VMware workstation 12 VM (with Gnome 40.4 and the Wayland windowing system), my Java-based apps have stable icons. Once I upgraded to 22.04 LTS (with Gnome 42.2), many of the icons in these apps were either inserted in the wrong place or not inserted at all. The incorrect icons often change drastically with each new GUI session, and are often not corrected when you hover over them.

This only seems to happen with the Wayland windowing system - switching to X11 resolves the issue. However, as I understand things, X11/Xorg is on its way out, so I'd like to get things working again with Wayland. Interestingly, Wayland seems to work fine in VirtualBox - it's only VMware workstation 12 that has the icon issue.

Are there any new Wayland and/or Gnome dependencies for VMs that run Java apps? I've already tried installing wayland-protocols, but that didn't help.


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