I accidentally removed Ubuntu Gui related apps using the autoremove command. I reinstalled ubuntu-desktop and now, I think I have the upstream gnome version, because the settings no longer has the "Appearance" option, in short, reinstalling Gnome desktop gets me the GNOME 4 upstream version. Not Ubuntu's. I want to revert back to Ubuntu's gnome version where the panel is on the left side. Searching the internet is getting nowhere. Now, I tried: sudo apt install ubuntu-gnome-desktop and dconf reset and restarted to no avail.

How do I get back Ubuntu 22.04's Gnome version?

Thank you, Allan

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Found the solution.

When I accidentally remove ubuntu-gnome-desktop packages, I end up in the command line with no GUI. Then to get back the GUI, I installed the "gnome-desktop" upstream (unbeknownst to me) package and came with the gnome-shell which must be also the upstream version and not from Ubuntu. That's the reason I have the upstream Gnome desktop version. Reinstalling ubuntu-gnome-desktop at this point will not change anything because of the presence of upstream gnome-shell package.

To fix this: Remove the ubuntu-desktop and gnome-shell packages.

apt purge gnome-shell
apt purge ubuntu-desktop
apt autoremove -y
apt install --reinstall ubuntu-gnome-desktop

That will force the ubuntu-gnome-desktop to reconfigure everything back to default.

Reboot. That will fix this issue.

Thanks, Allan

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