I'm just curious how the community handicaps when Ubuntu will implement systemd 251. Currently, 22.04 implements systemd 249.

  • Is it likely to be in an upcoming release, e.g., 22.04.1 or 22.04.2?
  • Is it likely to be delayed until another version, e.g., 22.10?
  • Is it likely to be delayed until another LTS, e.g., 24.04?
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    @absf launchpad.net/systemd/+packages 22.10 is planned to have 2.51 And 22.04.2 = 22.10 ;)
    – Rinzwind
    Jul 4 at 2:40
  • @Rinzwind, thanks for the information. Thanks also for responding squarely and concisely to the question posed, which seems to escape many.
    – ebsf
    Jul 4 at 2:49
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    What does "handicapping" mean here? It doesn't fit the common meanings in, e.g. the Cambridge dictionary
    – muru
    Jul 4 at 7:34
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    @IMSoP "Handicapping" in this case means "estimating the chances of an outcome". As you can see from the OP's use of "likely", they were unaware that plans had already been made and were likely to be followed, so they were looking for educated guesses.
    – Sneftel
    Jul 4 at 11:19
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    @Sneftel OK, that is indeed a meaning I hadn't heard before, and sort of makes sense in context. For future reference, this is why pasting a link with no context isn't always that useful, because I completely overlooked that section of the Wikipedia page so was none the wiser.
    – IMSoP
    Jul 4 at 11:21

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Launchpad holds a list of all packages and their version number. That includes the Ubuntu yet to be released.

In the case of systemd the list is ...

Distribution    Package     Version      
Kinetic (22.10) systemd     251.2-2ubuntu1  
Jammy (22.04)   systemd     249.11-0ubuntu3.4   
Impish (21.10)  systemd     248.3-1ubuntu8.6    
Hirsute (21.04) systemd     247.3-3ubuntu3.7    
Focal (20.04)   systemd     245.4-4ubuntu3.17   
Bionic (18.04)  systemd     237-3ubuntu10.53    
Xenial (16.04)  systemd     229-4ubuntu21.31    
Trusty (14.04)  systemd     204-5ubuntu20.31    

So the 1st Ubuntu intended to have 251 is 22.10.

Ubuntu will not update older releases unless there are security issues (and then only that issue is patched) so 22.04 will not see 251. The point releases are hardware stacks and systemd is not part of that.

As soon as 22.10 arrives 22.04 could be updated to use systemd 251 but it would defeat using an LTS (you basically could upgrade 22.04 to 22.10).

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