I want to connect my extrenal HFS+ formated Raid 5 6TB to Ubuntu. It shows the drive on the desktop, but when I click on it, it say the 6TB Volume is to big to mount.


The Linux kernel includes the hfsplus module for mounting HFS+ filesystems. HFS+ fsck and mkfs have been ported to Linux and are part of the hfsprogs package.

In 2009, these drivers were diagnosed to be corrupting HFS+ drives with a capacity greater than 2 TB. Consequently, Linux distributions such as Debian and Ubuntu also stopped allowing mounting of HFS+ drives or partitions greater than 2 TB. As of February 2011, work is in progress to lift this restriction.

Under Linux's current HFS+ driver, journaling must be disabled in order to write data safely to an HFS+ partition; journaling can be disabled under Mac OS X, provided the partition isn't being used by Apple's Time Machine software. An HFS+ partition with journaling enabled may be forcibly mounted with write-access under Linux, but this is unsupported and unsafe.

Around April 2011, Netgear released the source code of one of its NAS appliances, providing an implementation of write-support for journaling-enabled HFS+ partitions; unfortunately, the code is compatible only with an earlier version Linux. A port to newer versions of Linux has been released for review and further development, though it is apparently untested and untrustworthy.

Source: wikipedia

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