Before the update, pressing Ctrl +; on Google Spreadsheet or Libreoffice displayed the date. Currently, the underlined e is displayed. Does anyone know how to fix it so that the date is displayed?

Underlined e is displayed

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Launch the tool "ibus-setup". On the tab "Emoji", disable - or change - the keyboard shortcut for Emoji annotation.

  • Thank vanadium. I was able to fix the problem by disabling emoji in ibus-setup.
    – Chiro-suke
    Jun 14 at 12:18

The correct shortcuts for both LO Calc and Google Sheets is

CtrlShift: to insert the time

and Ctrl: to insert the date

In both cases, it's the colon key that is pressed.

It may be necessary to format the cell appropriately.

This was tried in both cases on a fresh instance of 22.04 LTS

enter image description here

  • I tried this,but the situation didn't change.
    – Chiro-suke
    Jun 14 at 12:16

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