I've recently installed Ubuntu 22.04 on a new SSD, but it is taking around 30 seconds to boot up. I've seen people booting up their Ubuntu system within 15 seconds.

So, how can I improve the boot time further?

Device Information:

  • Model: HP 15-da0077tx
  • RAM: 8GB
  • SSD: Crucial p2 500 GB NVME
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 8th Gen

Currently, I have a dual boot on SSD, with Windows 10. I also have an older version of Ubuntu on my HDD.


devansh@Dev:~$ systemd-analyze 
Startup finished in 6.113s (firmware) + 2.286s (loader) + 2.682s (kernel) + 14.853s (userspace) = 25.934s 
graphical.target reached after 14.837s in userspace
devansh@Dev:~$ systemd-analyze blame
13.603s plymouth-quit-wait.service
  456ms systemd-backlight@backlight:intel_backlight.service
  447ms udisks2.service
  438ms systemd-resolved.service
  393ms systemd-oomd.service
  312ms systemd-timesyncd.service
  307ms dev-nvme0n1p5.device
  209ms networkd-dispatcher.service
  179ms apparmor.service
  177ms systemd-logind.service
  151ms power-profiles-daemon.service
  144ms switcheroo-control.service
  134ms systemd-journal-flush.service
  134ms systemd-udev-trigger.service
  133ms e2scrub_reap.service
devansh@Dev:~$ systemd-analyze critical-chain
The time when unit became active or started is printed after the "@" character.
The time the unit took to start is printed after the "+" character.

graphical.target @14.837s
└─multi-user.target @14.837s
  └─plymouth-quit-wait.service @1.234s +13.603s
    └─systemd-user-sessions.service @1.225s +5ms
      └─network.target @1.220s
        └─NetworkManager.service @1.141s +77ms
          └─dbus.service @1.135s
            └─basic.target @1.128s
              └─sockets.target @1.128s
                └─uuidd.socket @1.128s
                  └─sysinit.target @1.124s
                    └─systemd-backlight@backlight:intel_backlight.service @3.911s +456ms

Please let me know if you need any further information.

  • Some settings to review: askubuntu.com/questions/1284302/… Do you have a UUID that is now invalid, as if you reinstall & have new UUID for swap but fstab has old UUID? Have you updated UEFI and updated SSD firmware?
    – oldfred
    Commented Jun 5, 2022 at 14:04
  • @oldfred All the UUIDs are valid and correct, and the drivers and SSD firmware are also updated, still, it takes around 25-30 seconds to boot up. Commented Jun 7, 2022 at 9:45
  • Since plymouth seems to be your longest issue, did you try the setting change in grub from quiet splash to noplymouth as shown in link in first comment.
    – oldfred
    Commented Jun 7, 2022 at 13:30


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