I am using ubuntu 12.04. I have a few startup applications - Dropbox, Transmission, a few custom scripts. These stretch the login time to ~10 -15 seconds (an old machine here).

I do not need to start these immediately at login. Is there a way to lazy load these applications?


The way I finally did was

Startup Applications -> Add -> Command

bash -c "sleep 10 && path/to/program_or_script"

Complete the name and comments and hit save.

example: start dropbox one minute after login (Disable autostart in dropbox preferences)

bash -c "sleep 60 && dropbox start -i" 
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One way would be to create a small bash script that will kick off those programs, then create a startup script that calls it via at. So, create your bash script, something like lazy-startup.sh:

other scripts

Then create your kickoff script lazy-startup-kickoff.sh

at -f /path/to/lazy-startup.sh now + 5 minutes
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