Using a tiling window manager, I called gnome-power-manager in earlier Ubuntu versions to get the battery tray icon.

In 12.04, the gnome-power-manager package is still there, but the binary is gone.

What is the 12.04 equivalent that starts the applet?


In the standard installation with Unity you have the same facilities but gnome-power-manager is not running. I believe the facilities are provided by indicator-power. The indicator-x things are threaded into gnome much deeper than gnome-power-manager was. In case you need something with the same functionality you can try xfce4-power-manager It is a little bit slow to "dock" in the tray, but works well and reminds me of the old power-manager. It is light and will not bring all xfce4 with it, but juts a couple of libraries.

I hope it helps Herna

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