When I right-click on an image and select Save as, the dialog opens as usual. I then choose the location I want to save the file to, the file's name and click Save. No error message, but no file saved to system.

Anyone else get this? Is it an Ubuntu, a snap, or a Firefox issue?

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This is a known File Chooser bug which you can find here: Clicking the "Save" button doesn't actually download the file

The bug is unrelated to Firefox being a snap application and also exists on other browsers (Brave, Chrome, etc.), as well as other programs that use the File Chooser. The issue happens not only on image files but for any type of files.

A workaround for this issue until it gets fixed is to not click the Save button, but instead press Enter on your keyboard after navigating to the location you want to save your file to, as mentioned in a comment in the above bug report.

  • Thank you for your reply and the broader information about the issue. Unfortunately the work-about does not work pressing enter and not clicking on the save button May 27 at 21:30

Here's a workaround: If you have the URL of the photo, you can use curl, cd to the folder where you want to save your photo, and then run:

curl '<url>' -o <save_as>

where <url> is the URL of the photo (notice that it should be within quotes) and <save_as> is the file name you want to save the photo as.


curl 'https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a7/RedcrestedTuraco.jpg/1280px-RedcrestedTuraco.jpg' -o a_bird.jpg
  • I don't seem to find any other way to save photos using firefox, the above solution didn't work for me.
    – Chandan
    Jun 7 at 2:13

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