When I try to open folders (Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos) using right click on Files icon on the left bar the Files crashes.

I noticed that this only happens when I already have Files opened. How can I fix this? I was using it quite a lot on 20.04...

  • this looks like the same as the question here, and is a result of a Wayland bug. Switch to Xorg if you need this functionality.
    – Esther
    May 24 at 15:34

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This issue is a known bug that only occurs on Wayland. The workaround is to use Xorg:

  1. Log out
  2. On the bottom-right of the login screen, there should be a cog wheel icon. Click it, and select "Ubuntu on Xorg"
  3. Log in. You will now be using Xorg as your display manager.
  • +1; I can't find the cog wheel on Ubuntu Desktop 22.04. But you can switch to Xorg with this method from another thread at AskUbuntu.
    – sudodus
    May 24 at 18:03
  • when you move the cursor to the bottom right corner, it(cog wheel) shows u[
    – lobjc
    Jun 26 at 11:11

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