Is it possible to customize the default keys like F10 to NOT use a window control? I am a happy Midnight Commander user and would like to be able to quit within mc and not have the window manager take over that key. I already found out how to disable ALT+S to find files.

Disable ALT+S by clicking Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts and uncheck "Enable menu access keys (...)"

I tried (in the same dialog) to uncheck "Enable the menu shortcut key (F10 by default)" but when I press F10 in that same window it comes up with the option to quit as well as a context menu from the window, which is an annoyance.

I like Unity so far but there are a few gotchas like this where I still prefer Gnome Shell.


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Another way to customize the hotkeys is to install CompizConfig Settings Manager through the Ubuntu Software Center

Upon launching the CompizConfig Settings Manager you might go through each plugin and check its hotkey configurations, but there is a Ubuntu Unity Plugin in Desktop section.

It is worth noting that certain hotkeys may be taken not by Ubuntu Unity Plugin, but by other plugins, so you might have look into other plugins' configuration as well.

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