I would like to install the Gutenprint plugin for GIMP. The documentation shows a screenshot ( Gimp Gutenprint Plugin Screenshot).

I downloaded the source code of Gutenprint 5.3 and build it. All without errors.

I installed a printer in CUPS and the driver seems as it should be and it was printing.

But when I open GIMP 2.8 and open File/Print the dialog is exactly the CUPS dialog. Its nothing like the screenshot.

The documentation does not say anything about how to activate or access the Gimp plugin. I do not know anything about Gimp plugins, maybe I am missing the obivous.

I am using Xubuntu18.04, but this should be also valid for other versions.

  • Leave open. All flavors of an Ubuntu LTS are supported by Ask Ubuntu for 5 years. May 21 at 14:14

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Rather than build the package from source code, I suggest that you open a terminal and do:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gimp-gutenprint

Several dependencies will also be installed.

Once completed, a new selection will be available in Gimp: File > Print with Gutenprint...

  • Thanks for that answer. Indeed that did install the print dialog in the screenshot. So now I know how it looks like and that it adds a new entry in the file menu. For Bionic is does install V5.2.13. For getting a newer release I would rather like to get the installation working. But maybe you got me to the point to figure out the difference myself.
    – CatMan
    May 21 at 12:38

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