Before I resort to scripting my own, is there a tool that records screen interactions for playback?

I want to record where the mouse got clicked and on which menu, in order to automate a series of steps.

I am planning to use xdotool to play back actions - but I am open to better alternatives, so my plan is to have a script record mouse position and take a screenshot at regular intervals, and then edit the results.

kind of like this (untested yet, and screenshot file name clearly needs to change):

while [ 1 ]
    gnome-screenshot -pf foo.png
    xdotool getmouselocation
    sleep 2

Any better solutions out there?


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I was using x-macro for a while. The xmacroplay function still seems to work for the macros I have already recorded, but I'm having issues being able to generate a new macro using the xmacrorec2 function. When I run it, it asks for a button to end the application, and recommends ESC. But when I press ESC, or any other button for that matter, it doesn't allow me to perform functions outside of the terminal until I cancel the recording. Perhaps you can get it to work. When I used it before, it was very convenient, but now...

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