I was following the instructions of this video: https://youtu.be/QKn5U2esuRk

I've got it on a pen drive with rufus, and I've got about 320GB unallocated space for it set up Was fine until I got to the part about opening the BIOS (4:34 on video) and making sure you have certain things disabled or enabled. My BIOS looks completely different from his, and doesn't have much of the same options

This is everything I can change from my BIOS (on Lenovo IdeaPad320)

BIOS config

BIOS security

BIOS boot

What do I need to enable/disable here to get onto the next step?

Thanks for any help

  • Settings are fine as they are. You may want to disable Secure Boot but it won't make much difference if you don't have a discrete Nvidia graphics and/or won't be running virtual machines. For the future please avoid posting YT links, most people will ignore it, and instead describe exactly what was suggested, not he vague "certain things disabled or enabled". May 17 at 1:40
  • OK OK sorry. He says in the video to "make sure things like intel rapid start technology is disabled" and to enable USB boot. USB boot is already enabled, but I'm not seeing the Intel rapid start (or storage) technology.... After this point in the video the computer restarts again, he pressed f2 again and it opens a menu that will list the USB drive with the iso stuff in May 17 at 1:42
  • If you aren't seeing it then you don't have it so don't worry about it. If present then indeed it should be disabled because it isn't (yet) compatible with Linux distros. When enabled the installer won't detect the drives, that's why it must be disabled. May 17 at 1:47
  • Awesome thank you, the fact I couldn't do that specific thing had me stuck - now i know not to worry about it I've had a look at my BIOS again and just needed to move my drive up as main boot priority, cheers May 17 at 2:00
  • Under Configuration tab in BIOS the Sata Controller Mode is the Intel RST (or Intel Rapid Start Technology).
    – Terrance
    May 17 at 2:41


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