I have only Ubuntu 22.04 installed on my computer with a single old 80GB mechanical HDD. After updating Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04, everything was working smoothly but there was this line before booting:

/dev/sda2: clean, 908443/38690816 Files, 44176803/154733312 Blocks

When I tried to fix it, I enabled automatic mount for sda2 then real problems started. I may have corrupted fstab file. After that, the computer is not booting

[FAILED] Failed to activate swap /swapfile. 
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for swap.

I only can boot to Ubuntu by highlighting Ubuntu then press e and change Linux= ro to rw

I need to recreate fstab.

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  • Yes, you broke it. The message isn't an error and means nothing. The problem is the graphical desktop not loading when it should. Troubleshooting such issue has nothing to do with forcing mounts that should be already mounted (sda2 is very likely the Ubuntu's root filesystem, the system partition). yesterday
  • What is the result of undoing the changes you made?
    – Nmath
  • @Nmath no booting even i change back the sitting in gnome disks yesterday
  • You should revert all the changes you made.
    – Nmath


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