I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 on my laptop and Windows 10 on my computer and I've been trying to set up mouse and keyboard share with Barrier (my Windows PC as a server and my Ubuntu laptop as a Client). The connection works fine, but the mouse becomes invisible when I enter the Ubuntu screen (I'm sure it works cause I can click and use the mouse but I can't see it). Is this a known issue and if yes, does anyone know how to fix it?

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It's caused by wayland, you need change to XORG.

How to enable/disable wayland ou ubuntu 22.04

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  1. Open a terminal and run:

    sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf
  2. Uncomment this:

  3. Restart.

This disables your gestures but your barrier cursor works very well.

You can revert this action just by commenting:


then press Ctrl+X and run:

sudo systemctl restart gdm3
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This Q&A helped me solve the 'invisible mouse' issue a few months ago (solution: disable use of Wayland) however, recently I ran into the issue again but this time Wayland was already disabled.

So, for those who happen to come across this Q&A and find the 'disable use of Wayland' solution does not fix their issue, perhaps this may be of some help ...

Turns out there's an(other) issue having to do with Barrier server 2.4.0 running under a Windows OS with a display scaling > 100% ...

  • Barrier version: 2.4.0
  • Barrier server OS: Windows
  • Windows display scaling factor: > 100% (eg, Windows defaults to a scaling factor of 150% for 4K monitors)
  • Issue: Barrier miscalculates the 'edge of the screen' and in doing so leaves an invisible cursor locked onto the client.
  • Fix #1: reduce Windows scaling (back) to 100%; downside, many apps may now be too small to view/read
  • Fix #2: downgrade to Barrier 2.3.4; this version has no problems dealing with scaling > 100% when the Barrier server OS is Windows; appears to have no issues working with a Barrier client that's running Barrier 2.4.0


My current (working) setup:

  • Wayland disabled on all linux hosts running Barrier
  • my Windows host (Barrier server) is running Barrier 2.3.4 (display scaling == 150%)
  • all linux hosts (Barrier server or client) are running Barrier 2.4.0
  • I don't have any Windows hosts configured as a Barrier client

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