I was wondering if the following setup is possible using Ubuntu (server) and Ubuntu (workstation):

I have two workstations with Thunderbird as mail client I have one server

On both workstations I want the mail to be synchronized so when I write an email it will appear in the "sent" folder of the second computer too. Also when I am not near my workstation and login to the server (remote) I want to be able to write an email with the same result as above.

I figured out that I need to install Thunderbird on both workstations and on the server, then I need to link the mail file to all 3 clients. The question is "How do I do that?"

Perhaps this question is answered before, in that case I am sorry for asking again.

With kind regards, Marchel.

-EDIT- I found this on MozillaZine: Install Thunderbird separately on each computer but store your profile on a portable USB device or on a network file share. To launch Thunderbird with that profile, use the -profile "path" command line argument.

Is it just straightforward installing or is there something I need to beware of?

(sorry for my bad english)

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    Have you tried IMAP?
    – mreq
    May 22, 2012 at 14:22

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The simplest and best solution is configuring all your email clients to use IMAP, if your mail service supports it.

If IMAP isn't supported by your email service, you have a few options:

  1. Store your Thunderbird profile in Ubuntu One.
  2. Store your Thunderbird profile on the server, and share it via SSHFS/CIFS/NFS. It's usually desirably to do this as part of a more general SSO solution.
  3. Synchronize the Thunderbird profiles with a file sync utility such as Unison.
  • IMAP could be a solution but has the same functionality as the web interface of my ISP. I want to be able to use the same layout (signature etc) from wherever I am. That's why I thought about installing Thunderbird client on a server which I can logon to from any location. May 22, 2012 at 14:57

you can also store the profiles folder


into your dropbox and enter the location in the profiles.ini. Make sure u set isRelative to 0 if you use an absolute path.

Works for years for me now on many many machines. =)

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