I followed the instructions on https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-gnome-shell-extensions-on-ubuntu-22-04-jammy-jellyfish-linux-desktop to install GNOME Shell extensions, but I still get the error:

Although GNOME Shell integration extension is running, native host connector is not detected. Refer to documentation for instructions about installing connector.


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The current version of the browser Firefox is packaged as a snap version. One of the issues with this is that it cannot work with the Gnome Extensions website.

The current work around is to install a desktop application that allows to search for and install extensions.

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Look for "Extension manager" in the software store, or install with a terminal command:

sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-manager

Install gnome-browser-connector manually from its GitLab repo by following these instructions:

  1. Install chrome-gnome-shell and meson:

    sudo apt install chrome-gnome-shell meson
  2. cd to wherever you like to clone the git repo (e.g. Downloads):

    cd ~/Downloads
  3. Clone the git repo:

    git clone https://gitlab.gnome.org/nE0sIghT/gnome-browser-connector.git
  4. cd to the cloned directory:

    cd gnome-browser-connector
  5. Then follow the build instructions in the README:

    meson --prefix=/usr builddir
    cd builddir
    meson install

I found the instructions on Reddit by Rob217 and they worked for me on Ubuntu 22.10.

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