I installed Ubuntu 22.04 (normal install on hardware) soon after it was released. It came with LibreOffice

The problem is that the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+; doesn't insert the current date into a cell anymore. Instead, it enters an underlined "e", which turns out to be a starting point for inserting emojis. If you enter Ctrl+; then press Space, up pops a menu showing different categories of emojis:

emoji pop-up

The menu InsertDate, still shows Ctrl+; to be the keyboard shortcut, but something is clearly wrong.

Ctrl+Shift+; does insert the current time as it should.

Is this fixable, or a LibreOffice bug?

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Ctrl+semicolon is defined as an emoji shortcut in ibus-setup, tab Emoji. You may remove it, or try LeftCtrl+semicolon to insert a date.

  • Thank you kindly. I removed it. Both Left and Right Ctrl+; were inserting the emoji prompt, but your solution worked nicely. May 1 at 13:15
  • Yes, LeftCtrl+; do not enter emoji only through VNC May 1 at 14:36
  • THANK YOU. That fixed it. I would point out for those not sure, that ibus preferences can be found under the KDE Menu | Settings.
    – bruce
    Oct 24 at 23:18

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