using a fresh ubuntu 22.04 install i can no longer save or download any files in firefox. it did work when i first installed firefox, now it no longer does.

File -> Save page as

does not even open a window where i could select a destination directory.

using the "save as" button in the pdf viewer also does nothing at all.

i just started firefox in safe mode

$ firefox --safe-mode

and saw the error message

(firefox:9161): Gtk-WARNING **: 09:19:12.367: Can't open portal file chooser: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.portal.Desktop was not provided by any .service files

this (probably) goes for all snap applications. for me it was

  • firefox
  • keepassxc

i might have uninstalled fuse3 and xdg-desktop-portal when i installed fuse. see this question.

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    i want to BEAT whoever decided it was a nice idea to force firefox on us as a snap
    – Michael
    Jun 11 at 23:12

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oh, after some more investigation i found out i had to install

$ sudo apt install xdg-desktop-portal xdg-desktop-portal-gtk

and everything worked again.

  • Do you also notice that, a second time you summon the Save As dialog, that it has no keyboard focus?
    – vanadium
    Apr 27 at 7:49
  • Yes you can, because now you have a Save dialog. My question is of you hit Ctrl+S, does the dialog that appears also have keyboard focus? Perhaps you always use a mouse so will never notice.
    – vanadium
    Apr 27 at 8:21
  • ok, i tired. yes, the dialog has keyboard focus (although the first time i tired firefox crashed). Apr 27 at 9:06
  • 1
    Not for me, even not with a default fresh install in Gnome Boxes. Second time in a session I open the dialog, I cannot navigate in the dialog with the keyboard nor use escape to close it.
    – vanadium
    Apr 27 at 9:27
  • what helped for me was to start firefox from a terminal so i got some error messages. Apr 27 at 9:29

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