I am running the latest Ubuntu 22.04 LTS desktop stable build on my Asus K55VJ-120XD laptop.Even if the the cpu usage is under 5 % the fans are running up at high speed.Average Ram usage is around 2.2 GB/8GB... i already installed the TLP program via command terminal but it didn't worked for me...anything else i can do to solve the problem ???

  • Update UEFI before anything else. TLP is expected not to have any effect on that. Apr 27 at 12:54
  • how to do that ???
    – Mickey Sam
    Apr 28 at 1:32
  • UEFI is the motherboard's firmware that we used to call BIOS but BIOS isn't actually used since more than a decade ago. So, check the downloads page of the manufacturer for UEFI "BIOS" updates and follow instructions. Apr 28 at 4:55


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