I am using Lucid 10.04 with KDE.

When I single click on any folder in my file browser it is behaving as a folder.

I am not able to select a folder (it always opens the folder). Right now to select I am using keyboard.

How to avoid this situation?

I saw there are some posts on this and they talk about Nvidia in all those. I don't have an NVIDIA graphics card.

Any solution for this?

  • Sounds like dolphin options, lets wait for JanC or another kde bod to give the verdict. – Martin Owens -doctormo- Nov 19 '10 at 16:57


Open the System Settings from the Start Menu.Click Keyboard and Mouse Icon alt text

Now click on Mouse,and then choose Double-click to open files and folders( select icons on first click) alt text Now single click is disabled..


In File Management Preferences,select Doulble click to open items.To access File Management Preferences,goto Places-->Computer (or type nautilus in terminal)

And then goto Edit menu from there select Preferences..

alt text

  • He said he was using KDE, so he's probably not using Nautilus. – Isaiah Nov 19 '10 at 17:21

In newer Plasma versions, the solution above does not longer work. The setting moved to:
System Settings > Desktop behaviour > Workspace

Screenshot of settings


In KDE Plasma 5.16.3 ist's under System Settings => Desktop Behaviour => Workspace => Double-click to open files and folders


  • At the time of this answer, Kubuntu is currently using Plasma version 5.12.18. This setting is actually located under System Settings -> Input Devices -> Mouse – Nmath Jul 28 at 16:32

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