The long and short of my problem is that i am unable to access the shared folder of a windows 7 machine on the same network.

I click on the network icon in places, then i can see the Windows Network option, but when i click on this, i get the message Failed to retrieve share list from server.

Ok, ive tried to install samba (sudo apt-get install samba) and ive also installed sbmfs. Ive set the workgroup in /etc/samba/smb.conf to WORKGROUP - the same as the other windows computers on the network. as far as im aware i should now be able to get access to the shared folders on the windows 7 computers, but no luck, i cant even get past the 'windows network' icon.

When i check the list of processes in system monitor theres no sign of anything called samba or smb. When i go to start samba via /etc/init.d/samba start. i get the message command not found.

As regards the network architecture, its a simple home network running through a router, i dont know if itll make a difference but the router is a dlink dir-615. Windows machines can share files without any problems.


Open the file browser and type this in the loation bar smb://ip-of-win7-machine/shared_dir. Make relevant changes to the above command and it should work if you've configured the shares properly.


In 'Places' Menu choose 'connect to server'. In the server type choose "windows share". Type the Ip of the Windows Machine in the server field and the name of the shared folder in the shared field.Hit connect. see whether you can access the shared folder now.


I recently debugged an issue with a share on a Windows 7 machine, where a user had changed their password on the 7 box, but not on the XP box they were attempting to access the share from. What threw me was that the share was invisible to every thing, until the user told me about the password change, at which point the share became accessible and visible.

I would recommend making sure the user credentials on the Linux machine match the user credentials on the 7 box.

Next I would go on to check the share data on the 7 box to make sure the user account you are wanting to use is allowed to access the share.

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