I have been running Ubuntu on this acer AspireR laptop since I bought it. It has intel graphics so I have had 0 trouble until today when I upgraded to 22.04 now my external monitor says there is no signal and nothing I have tried (run from thumb drive, created new account, switched to xorg) has had any effect. Ideas?

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This is rather a comment than an answer (I have not the required reputation for a comment):

On my Acer Nitro 5 with an Ubuntu 22.04 fresh install the external monitor is also not recognized, but only if I have the Intel driver enabled (sudo prime-select intel; command works with nvidia proprietary driver). If I switch to the dedicated Nvidia card (sudo prime-select nvidia) the external monitor works fine.

As ChanganAuto points out in his comment, this doesn't mean there is a problem with the Intel driver (I assumed that at first) but can result from the hardware wiring.

If you also have 2 graphic cards, maybe Ubuntu changed to only using the Intel driver after the upgrade and this causes the issue.

  • it's an issue with the Intel i915 driver No. It's just thew way hardware is wired. In many laptops with hybrid graphics external monitors only work with the dGPU. It has nothing to do with the Intel driver. May 10 at 10:03
  • @ChanganAuto Thanks for your comment. I've updated my post to take that into account.
    – Benjamin
    May 11 at 16:53

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