I'd like to have Ubuntu not check for updates as often. How do I accomplish this?


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For 11.04 and higher

  1. Start System settings. Either search for it in dash or click on the gear in the top right corner. enter image description here
  2. click on Software sources enter image description here
  3. Choose updates enter image description here
  4. now choose how often you want to check for updates. enter image description here

For people in a hurry!

Press Alt+F2 and search as shown and click software-properties-gtk, then jump to step 3.

OR open a terminal Ctrl+Alt+T, and type software-properties-gtk, then jump to step 3.

enter image description here

Via the Ubuntu software center

If you are more comfortable with using the USC then you could open it, and click on edit and then at the bottom software sources. Now just go to step 3.

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For 10.10 and earlier versions (and 11.04, in an Ubuntu Classic session)

Open Update Manager (System > Administration > Update Manager).

On the Updates tab, there's a drop down box for "Check for updates:", with options for Daily, every two days, weekly or every two weeks.

Or you can turn it off and just check manually whenever you want.

  • I think you meant "Software Sources", not "Update Manager" Jul 28, 2010 at 19:41

System -> Administration -> Software Sources -> Updates (tab) -> Check for updates: [Daily | Every two days | Weekly | Every two weeks]


And if I want to check monthly? Where are stored this settings?

I don't see this on /etc/update-manager

Ok, now I've found this meaning file in Ubuntu 10.10: /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic

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