I've recently embarked on a PC building project, I've got some of the components sorted out (well, the CPU!) and I'm trying to look for a graphics card to buy.

I've been spending the past hour or so trawling reviews, specs, and prices for various different graphics cards . . . and to be honest I could probably do this all day without coming to a good conclusion!

The problem is, the CPU I've decided on is an AMD CPU, as far as I know this restricts me to AMD graphics (please correct me if I'm wrong here) so I've been looking at AMD graphics cards, I've found various cards that seem like what I want, but I'm having real difficulty trying to ascertain whether or not they're compatible with Linux.

Wherever I go I seem to get conflicting information, all I can really conclude is that Intel has good driver support for Linux. However as far as I know, their cards are a little underpowered, and I'd also need an Intel Motherboard and CPU for that to work? A lot of places also seem to say that AMD support for Linux isn't nearly as good as it could be?

Does anybody know of any good linux compatible AMD graphics cards that I can buy? Or should I rethink and go for an intel/NVIDIA card?

I'm not looking for anything very flashy, just something that plays HD video and could handle simple games like Minecraft to a decent degree.

I also browsed around here a little too, apparently this is a good card for Ubuntu? Although searching online people complain of problem with that card and Ubuntu? This is so confusing!!!

Hope there aren't too many question marks there!

edit: not sure if this is relevant for drivers, but I'm also looking for a dual monitor setup - does that impact this in any way?

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You can use NVIDIA cards on an AMD platform... the only difficulty you'll have would be with Crossfire (which, I believe, you can fix with BIOS patches).

YMMV as far as drivers; all of them seem to work fine for most users, with the exception of the proprietary AMD Catalyst (fglrx) drivers, which are a constant source of heartache and pain.

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