I've got a fresh installation of Precise installed, and I installed Google Chrome from the administrator account. Then, when I log into the Guest account I want to be able to use Chrome, but when I try to start it from unity it does nothing. When trying to launch it from the command line, it gives me the error: Failed to move to new PID namespace: Operation not permitted. How do i allow access to Chrome or other programs like this for the Guest account?


In general, it's much easier to use the standard software repositories and the system's package managing system instead of installing applications manually. If you do a manual install, you're responsible for setting file and directory permissions correctly and much more.

So, the easiest solution would be to install the chromium packages (chromium-browser Install chromium-browser) using the software center, and to remove the manual install.

EDIT: Alternatively, you could use Google's PPA for Chrome (thanks Andrejs Cainikovs - worth an answer on its own!).

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